Cancelled Selling 2017 Graal Era Account

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Price: $ Marked as Cancelled
Hello My Name Is Eman And Ive Owned This Account For Quite Some Time But For the past year i havnt really touched it and i feel like the game has gotten boring for me So today im deciding to sell it for good so i can atleast get some profit for the money i spent on it while having someone else save money by buying my account.

My Account Has Around 2000 Hours Currently

Dual Ap7's
Browning Automatic Rifle
Candy Bazooka
Colt 6
Dual Five Seven's
G36 Tactical
Glock 18
Dual k180's
M4 (with attachment)
PBP Auto Rifle
PBP Shotgun
Plant Gun
Shipka (Last Christmas Shipka Skin)
Vulcan Minigun
Water Gun
Water Pistols

29 Knife
Evil Wings
Icicle Hammer
Legend Of Era
Mulitplex Knife
Pumpkin Bucket
Stirring Spoon
Tablet Melee
Violet Rapier
Vr Headset Melee
10t Hammer
(Bunch OF Christmas Weapons)

7 Event Coins
3k Arcade Coins
2k Tickets
700 Gang Coins

Angelic Chaos
Camera Trash Pick
Demon Scythe
Dragon Morph
Drum Kit
Harvesting Knife
Ice Orb Sword
Kitty trash pick
noob Cannon
Poisen Bat Pistol
Pressure washer
Silvermoon daggers
sled morph
Steel slayer sword
surfboard melee
Switch Blade
Vip Bike
Yeti Morph

One Custom Girl Head
One Custom Girl Body
One Custome Boy Body

8 Pages Of hats
12 Store Gas Masks
1 Plasma Gas Mask

Now You Must Be Wondering How Much Im Selling the Accounts for.
I Don't Really Have a Final Price Tag But im im looking for around 100-200 Usd.
As For The Payment Method I Am Not Accepting Paypal But I Will Accept the Following

Steam Cards
Prepaid Cards

My Discord Is Eman#2653
So If i dont reply on here Feel Free to contact me on discord.
Not open for further replies.