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Price: $150
34 heroes, all f2p heroes are gold, 560k gems, 550k holy stars in bag, over 1300 days of speed ups, Over 5billion each ore, stone and wood resources in bags. 1b in gold, 1b food in bags, 5m+ troops, 4.5m T4 troops, pact 4 familiar unlocked. 800k+ Luminous gear. Good sets of war gears, 5 Screenshot_20230111-115700.pngScreenshot_20230111-120303.pngScreenshot_20230111-120335.pngcastle skins to chose from, thousands of monster chest, 8 migration scrolls, 8m guild coins. You will have lots of speed ups, resources and gems to boost your might further. I will also do a video of the account to show every details up to 5 mins upon request and help during the game transfer process to make sure the account is 100% fully transferred and secured only to the buyer.